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Our Affordable Home Protection Programs are designed to give you peace of mind throughout the year that no pests will invade your home, regardless of the season.
Choose from A.N.D.'s different Home Coverage Plans that cover specific pests to multiple invaders based on your home and family's needs.
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The food industry, hotels and retailers are some of the biggest victims of pest infestations.
It has become common knowledge that social media plays a tremendous role in your business' reputation. With that said, all it takes is one sighting of a cockroach or rodent droppings to negatively affect your consumers perception of your place of business, costing you revenue.
A.N.D. offers pest control services that are customized and tailored to your business' needs, regardless of what type of industry, as we are widely experienced in them all.
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Warehouse and industrial establishments are extremely vulnerable to pest infestation due to the multiple entry points, storage of merchandise and other inconspicuous areas of harborage throughout respective facilities.
A.N.D. has an Integrated Pest Control Approach that helps clients keep their facilities pest free, while also meeting critical obligations and adhering to third party audits.
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Tackle Pests with the Best

A.N.D. It's Gone Pest Control is a local company based out of the Durham Region, Ontario. We are licensed exterminators through the Ministry of Environment of Ontario (MOE) with educational backgrounds and 13+ years of field experience. All of our pesticides are products only accessible to licensed exterminators and not to the public.

We are hardworking individuals who are passionate about what we do. Throughout your service, you will always be dealing with the owner and their team who proudly stand behind A.N.D. It's Gone Pest Control

We offer pest control services for residential, commercial and industrial establishments. We provide service for any and all types of pests from insects and rodents to many other invaders. No matter the size A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control will create an efficient and effective action plan to eradicate all of your pest issues. 

We constantly strive for customer satisfaction by offering our clients absolute peace of mind, which allow them to focus on doing the things they love, instead of having to worry about pest concerns.

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Please see below for a brief description of the services offered


Home Coverage Plans (HCP)

A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control offers Home Coverage Plans for all types of residential properties.

This program provides protection throughout the year, regardless of season, from various pests that may invade your home.

Choose from 3 types of packages that will perfectly suit the needs of your family and home with the type of coverage you want.

Prices start low as $450.00 a year.

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Businesses have an obligation to ensure compliance with an array of Ontario regulations relating to pest control.

A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control understands that each business is unique and has its own set of needs. Our commercial programs are designed to meet the specific needs of your establishment by developing an efficient and effective pest control program just for your business that will cover everything from service frequency to the pests that are covered.

The focus of our services is the prevention of pest issues, while utilizing an integrated pest management approach in pest control measures. Furthermore, we believe in strict adherence to all regulations outlined by the federal and provincial governments of Ontario and Canada.

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Cottage/Trailer Coverage Plans 

A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control offers Coverage Plans for Cottages & Trailers.

Our program covers up to 15+ pests; including Mice, Ants, and spiders.  

We have programs that offer all year protection or a seasonal plan from April to October that we can tailor to fit your family's needs

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Single Pest Service 

A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control also offers one-time services that are ideal for those infrequent occurrences of pest invasion. 

One-time services are tailored to your issues with a specific pest, and also include a 90-day warranty.

We provide coverage for Mice, Rats, Ants (non-wood, boring & carpenter), Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Wasp/Hornet Nests, Spiders, and many other crawling invaders.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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A.N.D. It’s Gone Pest Control offers disinfecting services that are specifically tailored for your facility’s needs. 

Implementation of consistent sanitation and disinfection protocols is a critical first line of defense in preventing the spread of transmittable viruses, bacteria and diseases on frequently touched surfaces that come into contact with your skin.

The protection of your people, customers, the public, and our service personnel is our top priority.

When incorporated into your facilities daily operations, our disinfection services provide a thorough layer of protection that will act as a high quality level of defense

However, while our services adhere to strict disease-prevention guidelines that are meant to compliment regular cleaning practices, it is important to note that we do not claim to eradicate the Coronavirus. Please refer to your local Health Department for more information.

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Superior Customer Service

All feedback is appreciated to help us continue to serve our communities in the best possible way.

Kelly-ann D.

I contacted this company after discovering I had rodent issues, shortly moving into my new home. I was frantic! They were very professional and really took the time to explain possible points of entry and a way forward to remove and prevent future issues. They were extremely professional and reassured me that it would be taken care of and they delivered on their promise! I highly recommend And it’s gone pest control!

Brandy R.

I hired these folks once I realized I had a mouse issue in my basement. I was very happy with the service and the outcome! The pricing was very reasonable compared to some of these other companies. I would refer these guys to friends and family in the future.

Jonathan R.

During this pandemic we cannot lose sight at how important the elimination of pests has become in our homes and our places of work, and that's because for so many, our homes and our places of work have become the same place! Hence, why I can absolutely recommend A.N.D. It's Gone Pest Control because through efficient and professional means they've made my home, my office, my safe space, my quarantine cave and my personal disco (all of which are the same place), completely pest free!

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